Root and Bloom organic plant booster

Vegetable gardens, flowers, berry bushes, and even grass will benefit from Root and Bloom, an organic plant booster with micro-nutrients designed to help your plants thrive in all types of soil and climate conditions. This plant food and root stimulator helps plants use nitrogen and phosphorus at the root level for stronger plants and up to 50% higher yields. Stronger root systems mean better growth and better protection from climate extremes. 

A garden sprayer using 1-3 ounces of Root and Bloom per gallon of water covers a lot of plants whether you spray it over the foliage or over the soil. Root and Bloom can also be used to add nutrients to hydroponic plants. The folks at Home and Country USA can help you get started. 

Imagine planting fewer tomato plants and doubling your yield. Or having bright beautiful flowers from spring through fall and the lushest grass in the neighborhood. 

Check out the benefits to adding Root and Bloom to your gardening arsenal: 

  • Plants more effectively use nitrogen, phosphorus, and other fertilizers. 
  • Exclusive rhizo-bacteria improve root structure and stimulate growth and chlorophyll synthesis. 
  • Releases naturally occurring fertilizers by conditioning soil. 
  • Helps your plants thrive despite changing climate conditions. 
  • Can be used alone or as a supplement to a fertilizer program. 

Just like people, gardens need nutritional balance, enzymes, microbes, and a strong root system to thrive and grow. Root and Bloom provides that organic boost for all your plants from flowers to vegetables, fruit to grass, crops to hydroponics, and more. 


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