100% Natural Sugar Mag Pet Friendly Ice Melt. Comes in a 50LB Bag to Handle The All The Harshness of Winter in a Safe and Natural Way. Effective to 0 Degrees Fahrenheit

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  • { Pet Safe Ice Melt } When using salt for ice and snow, make sure that it is designed to help aid in not only the snow removal process but also with your pet in mind. Our blended ice melt is designed to keep your pet safe during harsh winter conditions
  • { Quality is Key } Our pet friendly driveway and sidewalk salt won't sacrifice the quality of standard rock salt for snow products. Curated with a proprietary blend of CMA, Sugar Mag provides superior snow and ice melting down to temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • { See Where you Spread } Our pink color stands out compared to standard snow melt products. No need to waste material, the pink color will allow you to see exactly where the material has been applied!
  • { Concrete Safe Ice Melt } When it comes to a driveway salt, ours is far less corrosive than rock salt and calcium chloride ice melt. Keep your concrete safer from cracks and other winter stresses.
  • { Non-Tracking } When choosing an ice melt for snow always remember to use a product that keeps you safe outside and your home safe inside. Our blend is safe on footwear, floors, and leather!

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