All Natural Solar Salt Water Softeners (Water Softeners with Rust Remover)- 40 lb bag

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  • { Pure and Natural Water Softener Salt } Solar salt water softener crystals are 99.6% pure and are a natural choice for treating your hard water in your home.
  • { All Natural } Softener salt pellets is a great way to put nature to work softening your hard water. When it comes to your water, use a naturally made material cultivated by the sun, wind, and time.
  • { With Rust Remover } When utilizing a solar salt, make sure your hard water doesn't strike, leaving you with a rusty byproduct. Our solar salt with rust remover helps to alleviate some of those issues.
  • { Reduce Tank Residue } Using salt crystals for water softener system can help minimize the accumulation of brine tank residue. In turn, helping to keep the water softener clean and trouble-free.
  • { High-Quality Standard } Our water softener salt pellets have a white, opaque appearance and are recommended for use in all water softeners.

Using a solar salt for your home water softener system is an extremely effective way to soften water. Our solar salt professional grade quality material provides a sense of mind that what you are putting into your water softener, is going to provide you an effective solution to soften hard water and provide the balance desired.

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