Paw Shield Pet Friendly Ice Melt (8 LB)- A Dual Acting, Natural Based Ice Melt for Snow with a Melting Power of Below Zero Degrees.

Sale price$19.99


  • { Pet Friendly Ice Melt } When using a salt for ice and snow, make sure that is designed to help aid in not only the snow removal process, but also with you pet in mind. Our blended ice melt is designed to keep you pet friendly during harsh winter conditions.
  • { Dual Acting Formulation } Made with a dual formulation of CMA and corn steep, our pet friendly snow melt is built to be both a driveway salt and sidewalk deicer that melts snow and ice while not sacrificing effectiveness of traditional rock salt or calcium chloride ice melt products.
  • { Effective At Low Temperatures } Paw Shield is designed to be effective at below zero temperatures to ensure your overall safety in those extreme weather conditions where other snow & ice melters fail.
  • { See Where It's Safe } Our pet friendly salt for snow and ice wants to ensure your safety! That's why we made our blend with pink and blue coloring! This bright color combo stands out so you and everyone around you knows what areas are safe and what areas aren't!
  • { Less Corrosive } Because of the CMA and corn steep combination, our pet friendly salt is designed to be less corrosive environmentally. This includes on metal, concrete, vegetation, and general landscaping

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