BASF Drive XLR8 Crabgrass Herbicide

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Drive XLR8 herbicide is the best crabgrass killer on the market using the latest technology. This water-based, liquid formulation has increased control of most weeds that previously been controlled by Drive 75 DF and Quinclorac 75 DF. Drive XLR8 has the following features: 1 bottle will treat an acre at the full application rate Faster, more complete weed control that other alternatives Much quicker uptake by plant for quicker kill Product drys in less than an hour (Rainfast) Controls mature crabgrass with 4 tillers or more Residual of Drive XLR8 can be as long as 45 days at the maximum application rate Highly recommended to use Microyl Crop Oil Replacement with this product to increase effectiveness. Weeds controlled include (but not limited to): Bindweed Clover Crabgrass Dandelion Dollarweed Foxtail Kikuyugrass Signalgrass Speedwell Torpedograss

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