Bayer 4314807 Maxforce Carpenter Gel 27g Ant Insecticide

Sale price$45.99


Maxforce carpenter Ant bait gel is becoming a silver bullet for carpenter Ant control for professionals!!! Maxforce carpenter Ant bait Gel's new fast control formula still gives you superior long-term control of roaches compared to contact sprays. The new active ingredient, Fipronil, provides a unique mode of action that works through both ingestion & Contact, knocking down roaches & ants that eat or simply touch the bait. Either way, one contaminated Roach or Ant kills many others where they live & breed. The domino effect? still achieves Ant control, but with faster visible results. Read more about maxforce carpenter Ant bait

  • Active Ingredient : Fipronil ..... 0.001%
  • Target Pests : Ants including Acrobat, Argentine, Big-Headed, Carpenter, Cornfield, Field, Honey, Odorous House, Pavement, Pharaoh and Thief Ants
  • 27-gram tube
  • Yield: up to 1-gram per spot

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