ConSandtrate Concrete Crack Filler - 3 lb. (Single Bottle) for Filling in Concrete Cracks on driveways, walkways and patios.

Color: Tan
Sale price$32.99


  • { Fix Unsightly Cracks Quickly } Concrete repair doesn't have to be time consuming. The unique qualities of this blend allow you repair your cracks without messy polyurethane and cement mixes.
  • { Self Healing } Our most interesting feature. Our polymers react to and reinstate themselves in the cracks as the concrete expands and contracts. This superior technology sets us apart from what anyone is doing!
  • { Water Activated } Simply pour our polymer based crack filler into the desired area and mist with water. The water will activate the material making your sidewalk, patio, or pool deck a breeze!
  • { Weather Resistant } Moisture is the natural enemy of concrete, especially when cracks form. ConSANDtrate provides a barrier that doesn't let water in, which help prevent future damage.
  • { Application } In the simplest of terms, just pour our material in the desired crack and mist with. From there let the ConSANDtrate work its magic and solidify the crack!

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