Dive Rite In Swimming Pool Salt and Spa Salt - Designed for Your Chlorine Salt Generator to Help Keep Your Pool Running at Peak Performance Throughout The Year

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  • { Natural Source } Pool salt water is a popular source as a pool water softener for chlorine because it’s affordable and easy to get. It also doesn’t have the same risks as some other sources of chlorine or pool cleaners.
  • { Quality Salt } Saltwater pool maintenance is critical for salt systems for pools. Our all natural product provides peace of mind knowing the highest purity of salt is used.
  • { Cost Less } Since our salt for pool usage comes in a 40 LB bag, the true cost when compared to a standard pool sanitizer system is exponentially less. Save money and enjoy a better, more natural experience!
  • { Multiple Uses } Our salt is designed for hot tubs, spas, and both above ground and in ground swimming pools. By buying our 40 Pound bag, you will have more time to enjoy your backyard oasis!
  • { No Harsh Chlorine Smell } Saltwater pool salt does not have the smell of a harsh chemical like chlorine. Pool salt has minimal smell and allows you to enjoy your day at the pool without any inconvenience.

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