Premium Garden Straw (1 LB) - Straw Mulch That is Designed for Use in Compost Beds, Gardens, Pet Bedding, Lawns and Much More. by Home and Country USA

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A premium wheat garden straw can have multiple uses that can help to cultivate multiple aspects of your outdoor goals and dreams. Our locally sourced straw is a point of pride for us. We meet with each farmer we work with and have an intimate understanding of their processes to ensure what you order is what we are supplying! Wheat straw is a known option for both your lawn and garden areas. Both are designed to maintain moisture which helps to speed up seed germination, keep soil temperatures cooler and limiting weeds during those pesky summer months. Our straw is also a superior for pet bedding and general bases for chicken coops. It makes a warm, comfortable bed that is easy to handle as well as allowing free drainage. Finally, as a garden compost, as straw breaks down, it provides carbon to the pile. As this carbon quickly breaks down, this helps release already added nitrogen leaving you with copacetic harmony and a wonderfully healthy compost bin. As always, our staff has a true passion for the outdoors. We are here to help answer any and all questions that may arise and are here to help you find the right direction to go!

  • { Premium All Natural Wheat Straw } Cultivated from the prime fields of New Jersey. This straw is locally grown and harvested by farmers who truly care!
  • { Straw For Animal Bedding } Always keep your outdoor pets comfortable with a premium grade product. Also great for chicken coops and most small animals.
  • { Organic Mulch Alternative } By adding straw to a garden, this creates additional biomass that will help add carbon to the soil which is necessary for growth as it breaks down. Straw will also help reduce weeds and hold moisture during harsh summer months.
  • { Straw For Grass Seed Covering } Straw is a known commodity to help retain moisture in the soil and keep birds from overeating seed before it begins to grow!
  • { Ideal For Organic Compost } It will release carbon for a healthy compost blend to go along with nitrogen. This is the perfect add-on to any successful compost pile at your home!

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