Root and Bloom Organic Plant Food Additive (OIM Certified) - Concentrated Formula of Millions of Microbes That Provide a Superior Rooting Hormone, Plant Nutrients and Flower Food For All Plants (1 QT)

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Drive Roots Deep

Choosing the proper rooting additive is critical to the success of any plant you choose to grow! Our microbe blend provides key organisms that help supercharge your growing medium!

Plant Growth Promoting Organisms

Emphasis for stimulating plant growth has shifted to the use of Plant Growth Hormones produced by soil organisms. Rhizo-Bacteria helps promote flowering, chlorophyll synthesis, and hormones producing growth from these microbes all independent of fertilizer applications!

Reduce Nitrogen Loss

Nitrogen often leeches past the root system, being lost forever. Microbe activity incorporates this nitrogen into its body and then gives back to the plant through a complex process known as nutrient mineralization.

  • { Organic Solutions } Our organic liquid nutrients minimize synthetic nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer. Adding strong micronutrients for vegetables allows nature to do what it was intended to do!
  • { Increase Performance } Root and Bloom is a SUPERCHARGING additive. When used with a well-balanced fertilizer or humic acid, our advanced nutrients inside our liquid plant food will improve soil and foliar uptake as a bloom booster leading to better crop yields.
  • { Unlock Hidden Potential } Our microbial flower food helps take stagnant phosphorus in the soil and liven it up so it becomes available for roots to absorb and strengthen. These key nutrients also help nitrogen from leaching through the soil and staying in the root zone. This allows blooming nutrients to enter the plant, increasing performance.
  • { Excellent for All Growing Mediums } Our micronutrient fertilizer additive is effective for use in general hydroponics, coco soil, indoor plants, and outdoor gardens. Combining with any flower fertilizer and organic liquid fertilizer to maximize soil microbes all year.
  • { A Little Goes a Long Way } To maximize usage. Mix 1-3 oz per gallon of water drenching foliarly or as a soil drench. As for hydroponic nutrients, only 10-15 ml directly into the reservoir is needed! This is the best organic plant food and root stimulator for plants additive on the market that helps create a growing environment you will be proud of!
  • { Microbial Synergy } Our microbial root booster for plants contains a full spectrum of targeted microbial synergists to promote optimal hormones. These cultivated plant growth hormone organisms will leave your plant blooming and roots deep!
  • ( OIM Certified } Our product is certified and meets the standards of the USDA National Organic Program. Can be used in organic crop and food production.

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