Crisis Ware Small Emergency Radio by Home and Country USA

Sale price$29.99


  • Preparation is Key: Be prepared no matter what life throws at you. From a hurricane, to an earthquake to a tornado. Emergency preparedness is key for when mother nature strikes.
  • AM/FM Radio w/ NOAA: Our hand crank radio allows you to stay informed of what is going on when your home loses power. Knowing is everything in moments of trouble.
  • Phone Charger: With a built in USB charger. Your phone will always be powered with our crank charger as well as through our solar charger. Keeping a functional phone is critical when trying to survive an emergency situation!
  • Multiple Power Sources: Our survival radio can be powered visa a hand crank as well as through a solar option to give you the ability to operate no matter what time disaster strikes.
  • Key Features: Our emergency weather radio comes with a 4000mAh battery capacity. Our hand crank flashlight gives you the ability to see and get emergency responders attention when the lights go out.

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