Del-Val Super Concentrated Orange Cleaner and Degreaser - An All In One Biodegradable and Non Corrosive Citric Extract Solvent, Degreaser and Deodorizer for Tough Jobs and Everyday Needs

Sale price$29.99


  • { All-In-One Solution } Save cabinet space with our multifaceted cleaning solution. Whether looking for all purpose spray cleaner for your ENTIRE home, as a concrete and asphalt stain remover or even a drain cleaner. Our citrus solvent does it all!
  • { Handle The Tough Jobs } Nothing is worse than gum stuck in the carpet, a stain on your concrete patio, or as a rug and upholstery spot removal. Our heavy duty degreaser tackles jobs other brands wouldn't think about trying!
  • { High Concentration } Each 32 oz concentrated Del-Val orange citrus cleaner will make up to 64 quarts of ready to use orange cleaning spray. This replaces 64 bottles from our competition at a fraction of the cost!
  • { Can Be Used Concentrated or Diluted } Unlike the competition, our orange degreaser and cleaner can be used undiluted to tackle those tough jobs that need an extra jolt and diluted for home cleaning needs!
  • { Professional Grade } Bring a professional grade formulation to all of your cleaning needs. Delivering superior and fast cleaning power, choose the brand that professionals in countless fields trust day after day.

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