Dow Snapshot - 50 Pound bag - Mulch Bed Weed Inhibitor

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Snapshot - 50-pound bag active ingredient: trifluralin and isoxaben for use on: landscape ornamentals christmas tree plantations container and field grown ornamentals non-bearing fruit and nuts trees and vineyards non-cropland snapshot 2.5 tg specialty herbicide provides up to eight months of control for 111 broadleaf and grassy weeds in 413 field-grown and 235 container-grown ornamentals without harming them. Features controls more broadleaf and grassy weeds in more ornamental s than any other pre-emergent herbicide provides excellent plant tolerance and long-lasting broad-spectrum control bonds tightly with soil particles and is low in water solubility, so it wonÍt move out of the application zone weeds controlled barnyard grass bitter cress common chickweed foxtail goose grass mares tail oxalis ragweed spurge

  • Protect gardens, lawns and landscaping with quality herbicides
  • Use to control weeds both before they emerge and after
  • Broadleaf herbicide to be used with care not to kill desired grasses
  • Refer to product label for any local use restrictions

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