Ecopure EPCL Universal Water Softener Cleaner - Off-White (3 Pack)

Sale price$39.99


Maintains your water softeners peak performance and efficiency. Universal cleaner, can be used to remove contaminants in your water softeners resin bed that'salt alone cannot remove. Efficiently designed, no need to mix and measure powders like other water softener cleaners, just pour contents of one bottle into the brine well and regenerate the system. Designed for use in any brand water softener. Use this product 3 times within the first year of ownership of the EP31, EP42, EPHS, EP7130 or EP7140 EcoPure water softener and receive a second year of full parts and labor warranty, just keep your proof of purchase. Text Ecopure to 444999 to sign up for cleanser use reminders. Questions call the Ecopure helpline at (800) 693-1138.

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