EZ Straw EZ2.5-01 Mulch, Green

Sale price$120.99


ORGANIC PROCESSED STRAW With TACKIFIER _ Premium Processed Straw with a bonding agent (Tackifier) that gives straw a tackiness which holds it together. This natural bonding agent is biodegradable and helps to protect grass seed from heavy washout and wind.

STRAW PROTECTS the SEED - The Straw Protects the grass seed from heavy washout, windy areas, birds and other animals

SAFE and CONVENIENT - Safe for pets and children. Conveniently bagged, Easy to handle package. Bag is UV protected plastic and can be stored outside. EASY TO APPLY _ Twice cut and processed for easy application

BETTER RESULTS _ Tack Bonding agent gives straw a tackiness which holds it together. Speeds up germination. Water less often. 99% weed free

BIODEGRADABLE - Biodegrades, no mess to clean up, just leave in place after the seed grows

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