Gator Block Bond XP Polyurethane Adhesive, Low VOC 28 Ounce Tube (Case Pack of 12)

Sale price$160.93


GATOR BLOCK BOND XP POLYURETHANE ADHESIVE, LOW VOC is one of the strongest polyurethane adhesives on the market. It is specially formulated for overlays, pool copings, steps and wall caps, concrete pavers, wet cast, natural stones, retaining walls, masonry units and bricks. GATOR BLOCK BOND XP POLYURETHANE ADHESIVE, LOW VOC is formulated to provide a permanent bond in 24 hours to the above materials if properly installed.

  • Replaces solvent-based adhesives; safe to use indoors or out;no odor complaints
  • Overlays and pool copings Steps and wall caps.concrete pavers and stones Dry and damp surfaces Permanent bond in 24 hr
  • Fire pits (up to 400°F (204°C) Strong and versatile.Permanently bonds together almost anything
  • Long open time Offers flexibility in repositioning; user friendly
  • Broad service temperature range Suitable for use in hot and cold environments Non-freezing

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