Grasshopper Mower MaxLife Belt, Designed to Specific Material, Dimensions, Shape, Construction and Pliability Standards That Ensure Superior Performance and Long Life, OEM 382627

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Grasshopper Mower MaxLife Belt, OEM 382627, Designed to Specific Material, Dimensions, Shape, Construction and Pliability Standards That Ensure Superior Performance and Long Life. Look for the Grasshopper logo on the outside of the belt. Fits Grasshopper FrontMount 3452, 3452PF & 3452RPF DuraMax decks. Also fits MidMount 52" 100V, 200V-G4, 300G4, 200 & 300 Series DuraMax decks. A family-owned business with more than 50 years of manufacturing experience, The Grasshopper Company has specialized in manufacturing True ZeroTurn riding rotary mowers since 1969. No parent corporation or outside investors make the decisions at Grasshopper. Grasshopper's quality construction, designed for easy replacement of worn parts, lends itself to extended use over many years as opposed to "throw-away" equipment which must be replaced instead of repaired and contributes to the waste stream. The compact size of Grasshopper encourages an active market in used equipment which allows each machine to be recycled into home or institutional markets. Based in Moundridge, Kan., the company distributes its products worldwide and is committed to lean and clean manufacturing practices reducing impact to the environment. In addition to being showcased at The White House, this award winning company redefines the manufacturing industry and is dedicated to the pursuit of perfecting the lawn mower for businesses and individuals alike.

  • COMPATIBILITY INFO: OEM MaxLife Belt for Grasshopper True ZeroTurn Mowers. Grasshopper Part Number 382627 Drive assembly belt for FrontMount Models 612-614-616 (1996-2006), 618 (1998-2006).
  • MAXLIFE BELTS: MaxLife premium industrial-grade belts are design-matched to conform to rigid Grasshopper specifications for material, dimension, shape, construction and pliability to ensure superior performance and the longest possible service life. Only OEM belts are engineered and manufactured for optimum service life and performance, so always look for the Grasshopper logo on the belt to ensure superior performance.
  • QUALITY FIRST, MONEY SECOND: We focus on providing our clients higher value for the dollars they invest with us. The service-friendly Grasshopper design makes it easy to keep your Grasshopper zero-turn mower in peak operating condition. Fewer grease points and easy access to belts and filters translate into less time spent maintaining your mower, and more time using it profitably.
  • REPLACING YOUR LAWN MOWER BELT: Visual inspection is all it takes to know if a mower belt is beyond its life, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist or experienced mechanic to see the signs of wear that appear before an impending break. The average homeowner will be able to spot a wearing belt as long as they know what to look for. Simply finding an aftermarket belt the same length to save a few dollars won't deliver the same results. Aftermarket parts can reduce your mower's efficiency.
  • DESIGNED, ENGINEERED AND ASSEMBLED IN AMERICA: Grasshopper has studied the needs of government entities, turf care professionals and equipment owners across the nation and around the world. Grasshopper engineers continuously research and test new product features and improvements at our 300,000-square-foot facility in Moundridge, Kans. Every Grasshopper product is engineered for performance, using only the highest quality components and heavy-duty construction to ensure long life.

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