Grime Boss Heavy Duty Hand & Surface Wipes (120 Total Wipes) | Extra Large, Skin-Safe Wet Wipes Used for Hands, Equipment, Tools, Garden, Automotive, & More | Easily Removes Paint, Oil, Grease, & Dirt

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GRIME BOSS was developed by Nice-Pak Products - the leading manufacturer of wet wipes in the world. Their team of scientists and engineers designed GRIME BOSS Wipes to solve the toughest cleaning challenges quickly and easily. The secret is the combination of the unique two-sided wipe with a powerful cleaning formula that breaks down grease and oil. Staying clean has never been easier with these heavy duty wipes! It replaces the need for rags, shop towels, and pumice soap. The wipes are skin-safe and ultra-moisturizing with a special formula that includes Vitamin E and aloe. All wipes come in a convenient, portable package with a moisture-lock lid.

  • KEEP CLEAN IN MESSY TIMES: Staying clean while working or playing has never been easier! Grime Boss Heavy Duty Hand and Surface Wipes tackle the toughest messes on hands, surfaces, and equipment around your house and garage.
  • REMOVES THE GUNK: Our heavy duty wet wipes are pre-moistened to help easily remove paint, oil, grease, adhesives, caulk, tar, dirt, and everyday grime. These wipes are super strong and won't tear easily. No need for rags, shop towels, or pumice soap!
  • NO HARSH CHEMICALS: Grime Boss heavy duty wipes are skin-safe and ultra-moisturizing with a special formula that includes vitamin E and aloe. With a citrus scent, it'll leave your hands and skin smelling fresh!
  • DUAL SCRUBBING ACTION: One side of the wipe is tough and textured for tough messes, such as breaking down grease, oil, and grime while the soft, smooth side of the wipe cleans hands without scratching skin.
  • WON'T DRY OUT W/ FLIP-TOP PACKAGE: A moisture-lock lid keeps the wipes from drying out while the packaging is small for easy storage around the house or garage. There are 2 packs in this offer. Each pack includes 60 wipes for a total of 120 wipes.
  • FOR YOUR SAFETY: Always test product first on a small, inconspicuous are if uncertain of products effect on a surface.

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