Harvey 23030 Oatey 0 Pipe Thread Compound, 4 Oz, Brush top Plastic Jar, Liquid Paste, 1/4 Pint, White

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Product DescriptionOaten pipe thread compound, 4 oz, brush top plastic jar, 86 G/L VOC, 30000 cps viscosity, liquid paste, White, petroleum odor/scent, 153 deg F flash point, media: carbon dioxide, dry chemical, foam and water fog, composition: calcium carbonate, oxidized soy bean oil, 2-Butoxyethanol, polyfluoroethylene, alkyl Quaternary ammonium bentonite, titanium dioxide, crystalline silica (quartz), flammability rating: 2, 1.74 specific gravity, applicable materials: PVC, cpvc, ABS, metal, polypropylene and nylon, -50 to 500 deg F, 3000 psi for gas, 10000 psi for liquid, standards: upc listed, nsf approved, for plastic or metal threaded pipe carrying water, steam and caustics or dilute acid. White thread lubricant and sealant. Brush able paste Dries slowly, non-hardening, withstands up to 3000 psi on gases at temps from -50D F to +500D F. Use on water, steam, natural and lp gas, oils, fuels, dilute acids. Apply to metals, PVC, cpvc, ABS, polypropylene and nylon. All-purpose sealant for heavy duty applications. Warning: never use any pipe thread sealant paste or stick on halogens or oxygen; use PTFE pipe thread tape.From the Manufacturer023030 1/4 Pint TFE Paste with Teflon.

  • Made with Teflon, pure White
  • Thread lubricant and sealant
  • Non-hardening

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