Hi-Tor 12 Pack of Veterinary Select Neo Diet for Cats, 5.5 Ounce Cans, for Kidney Health

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The Hi-Tor Neo Diet is specifically formulated for cats requiring a low protein, restricted phosphorus diet to assist in management of renal disease. This formula is highly palatable in order to ensure adequate consumption and caloric intake.

  • Protect Pet Teeth: This dog toothbrush can eliminate the trouble caused by traditional toothbrushing. Dog toothbrush sticks are designed to use the chewing characteristics of dogs to clean their teeth. Allow pets to release themselves while playing, thereby helping pets to clean their teeth comprehensively. Our toothbrush can prevent the accumulation of dental plaque and tartar, and better protect the health of the teeth.
  • Unique Design: We have designed a unique dog toothbrush, which is different from traditional toothbrushes and can be used as a toy. Helping dogs clean their teeth is boring and dangerous. Dogs also hate cleaning their teeth. Use our dog toothbrush to let the dog clean his teeth while playing.
  • Safe and Durable Material: Our dog toothbrush is made of high quality rubber. The durable and soft rubber will not harm your puppy's teeth. Pets are allowed to clean their teeth happily while playing with toys.
  • Easy To Use: No matter what kind of species, healthy teeth are important. Give our dog toothbrush to your dog and let it chew for 3 to 5 minutes at a time under your supervision. Can effectively solve the dog's oral problems.
  • Scope Of Application: Our healthy toothbrush is stronger than other similar products, the whole body is soft, can be bitten by dogs, and has higher quality and longer service life. The size of this dental care chew toy is very suitable for all types of dogs.

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