Home and Country USA Humane No Kill Mouse Trap, Live Catch and Release,Child and Pet Safe. for Small Mice(4 Pack)

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  • { Quality and Effectiveness } Our easy to use catch and release mouse traps are perfect for those looking for a have a heart trap. Our traps are made of high quality durable ABS material with air holes to prevent mice and rats from suffocating!
  • { Easy Baiting } By putting a little peanut butter as mouse trap bait, our live mouse traps will capture and allow you to release the mouse in a safe location without the messy cleanup of standard spring loaded traps.
  • { Child and Pet Safe } No kill mouse traps provide a safe environment for the whole family. A catch and hold mouse trap enables both your children and pets to safely be in the home while still catching the mouse!
  • { Easy to use and Effective } Open the tail door & place the bait in the food compartment and after that flip open the spring door. The mouse is going to enter this trap & the spring door just closes in time.
  • { Use Again and Again } Our live traps are simple to clean and reuse - The compartments are removable & can be cleaned with ease. Simply rinse using water & reset it. Without the mess of standard mice traps.

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