Home and Country USA 50 Pound Bag of All Natural Solar Salt for Water Softener.

Sale price$37.99


  • {100% Natural} High Quality Solar Salt: Our Home and Country USA Water Softening Solar Salt is premium quality. The all-natural salt crystals for water softener system help to prolong the lifespan of your appliances.
  • {Reliable Quality} Effective Water Softener: This 50-pound bag of salt for water softener is designed to remove hard water minerals. The softener salt offers a cost-effective way to combat hard water problems in your home or business.
  • {Budget-Friendly Choice} Easy to Use: The salt bags for water softener are easy to handle and pour. Just add the solar salt for water softener to your system as directed and enjoy the benefits of softer water.
  • {Easy Identification} Economical Size: The water softener salt crystals come in a 50-pound bag. This salt for water softener 50 lb bag offers an economical solution for all your water softening needs.
  • {Reduce Residue Build-Up} Versatile Application: Our product is ideal for homeowners, commercial establishments, and DIY enthusiasts. The softner salt is perfect for use in any water softener system, providing effective results every time.

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