Home and Country USA Amdro Gopher Gasser - This Bundle Pack Contains 3-Packs of Gopher Gassers (6 Gassers Per Pack) and Helpful Professional Contractor Tips.

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When choosing a pest control solution for your tunneling issues, choosing a brand that you can trust is critical! The AMDRO Gopher Gasser has been a tried and true method used by professional exterminators for years! Labeled to eradicate multiple pests, this is a one stop solution for many issues that may arise. Included pests are as followed: pocket gophers, moles, ground squirrels, skunks, Norway rats* and woodchucks.** The gopher gassers work through the gasses produced upon activation. These gasses travel through unplugged burrow systems to eliminate pests quickly and efficiently. Small in size and big on power, these gassers come in a cylinder form small enough to penetrate underground tunnels and burrow systems. Gassers can be used to treat pest problems in lawns, golf courses and even gardens. *Use in North Carolina on Norway rats only **Not for use on woodchucks in California. Our professional tips are there to guide you and help give clarity. As always, follow the directions exactly as written to maximize this products effectiveness as well as overall safety!

  • { Get Pesky Pests } When a gopher repellent isn't working, sometimes a little extra help is needed. Our gopher gassers help remove these pests from your yard quickly!
  • { Efficient Size and Application } Containing 6 gassers in each pack. Each gasser comes in cylinder form small enough to penetrate underground tunnels, helping prevent pest damage to lawns, plants and underground wires!
  • { Helps With the Following } Helps prevent damage from burrowing pests and others! Including: pocket gophers, moles, ground squirrels, skunks, Norway rats and woodchucks.
  • { Professional Tips } Sometimes you just have questions. That's why we included is a write-up with some helpful tips on how to best use the gopher gassers.
  • { Application Area Recommendations } Can be used in lawns, golf courses and gardens. For outdoor use ONLY! Not for use on woodchucks in CA; use in NC on Norway rats only

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