Home and Country USA Safflower Bird Seed - 25 lbs Bag Safflower Seed Ideal for Wild Bird Feeding and Bird Feeders

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Introducing our premium Safflower Bird Seed, a top-tier choice for wild bird enthusiasts. This bird seed is not just any bird food; it's a specially formulated blend designed to attract a wide variety of wild birds to your outside feeders. Comprising a hefty 50 lbs of meticulously selected and cleaned safflower seeds, this bird seed offers an excellent source of nourishment for your feathered friends. The safflower bird seed is packed in a sturdy 50 lb bag, ensuring you have ample supply to keep your bird feeders continually filled. This bird seed is not only loved by birds but also has a significant advantage over other bird seeds; squirrels find it less appealing, thus making it an excellent choice for bird lovers who want to discourage squirrel activity around their feeders. The safflower seed used in our bird food is of the highest quality, guaranteeing that your birds are getting the best nutrition possible. Moreover, the golden color of the safflower seeds adds a touch of elegance to your bird feeders, making your backyard a delightful sight for both birds and bird watchers. Perfect for feeding wild birds, the Golden Safflower Bird Seed is a must-have for anyone who loves observing nature's beauty right in their backyard. Just fill your feeders with this bird seed and watch as a diverse range of wild birds flock to your yard. We also offer a safflower seed pill for easy planting if you wish to grow your safflower seeds. So, why wait? Bring home our Golden Safflower Bird Seed today and transform your backyard into a bird sanctuary that both you and the birds will love. Please note: This bird seed is for outdoor use only. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children.

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