Husqvarna 584309701 XP Pre-Mixed 2-Stroke Fuel and Engine Oil Quart (6 Pack)

Sale price$61.50


Don't struggle any more with tracking down the right kind of gas and the right kind of oil and then mixing them together. Fuel up your tools with a single, ready to go mixture, Husqvarna's XP Pre-Mixed Fuel and Oil for Engines. This mix combines ethanol-free, high-octane fuel with high quality synthetic blended oil in a 50:1 fuel to oil ratio. Your fuel will stay fresh longer and will promote the long healthy life of your engine. Make your life a little bit easier with Husqvarna XP Pre Mixed Fuel and Oil for Engines. Just pour it in and go.

  • Ethanol-free, high 95 octane fuel combined with JASO FD certified premium Husqvarna synthetic blended oil
  • 50:1 Fuel to Oil Ratio in a quart sized can
  • No more mixing oil and gas by hand
  • Easier and more dependable engine starts
  • Fuel stays fresh for years solving long term storage needs

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