Karts and Parts Kohler CH640 CH641 20.5 HP 12 Volt Starter Replaces 12 098 03-S

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Fits the Following Kohler Engine Models:CH640-0014 CH640-0020 CH640-0026 CH640-0027 CH640-0032 CH640-0034 CH640-0037 CH640-0041 CH640-0043 CH640-0047 CH640-3002 CH640-3003 CH640-3004 CH640-3005 CH640-3006 CH640-3007 CH640-3008 CH640-3010 CH640-3011 CH640-3012 CH640-3013 CH640-3014 CH640-3015 CH640-3017 CH640-3018 CH640-3019 CH640-3021 CH640-3022 CH640-3023 CH640-3024 CH640-3025 CH640-3027 CH640-3028 CH640-3029 CH640-3032 CH640-3033 CH640-3034 CH640-3038 CH640-3039 CH640-3040 CH640-3042 CH640-3043 CH640-3046 CH640-3048 CH640-3049 CH640-3050 CH640-3051 CH640-3052 CH640-3053 CH640-3054 CH640-3055 CH640-3056 CH640-3057 CH640-3058 CH640-3059 CH640-3060 CH640-3061 CH640-3062 CH640-3063 CH640-3064 CH640-3065 CH640-3066 CH640-3067 CH640-3068 CH640-3069 CH640-3070 CH640-3071 CH640-3072 CH640-3073 CH640-3074 CH640-3075 CH640-3076 CH640-3077 CH640-3078 CH640-3079 CH640-3080 CH640-3081 CH640-3082 CH640-3083 CH640-3084 CH640-3085 CH640-3088 CH640-3098 CH640-3099 CH640-3100 CH640-3106 CH640-3107 CH640-3108 CH640-3109 CH640-3110 CH640-3111 CH640-3112 CH640-3113 CH640-3115 CH640-3117 CH640-3120 CH640-3121 CH640-3122 CH640-3123 CH640-3126 CH640-3127 CH640-3128 CH640-3129 CH640-3131 CH640-3134 CH640-3137 CH640-3146 CH640-3149 CH640-3150 CH640-3153 CH640-3154 CH640-3157 CH640-3158 CH640-3159 CH640-3160 CH640-3162 CH640-3163 CH640-3167 CH640-3168 CH640-3173 CH640-3201 CH640-3202 CH640-3206 CH641-3012 CH641-3017 CH641-3018 CH641-3019 CH641-3020 CH641-3021

  • Can Be Used to Replace the Following Kohler Part Numbers: 12 098 01, 12 098 03, 12 098 03-S
  • 24 098 01, 24 098 01-S, 25 098 08-S, 25 098 09-S, 25 098 11, 25 098 11-S, 25 098 14-S
  • 9 Tooth Gear
  • Fits the Kohler Engine Models Listed Below

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