Michael Doss Baquacil CDX System Starter Kit

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The New BAQUACIL CDX System is an enhanced CHLORINE-FREE system specially formulated to maintain a consistent oxidizer residual in pool water. The Baquacil oxidizer residual in pool water plays a significant role in removing contaminants that put a strain on the pool and keeping the pool clear all season long. This system is ideal for all pools. Step 1 - Sanitize with: BAQUACIL Non-chlorine Sanitizer and Algistat Step 2 - Oxidize with: BAQUACIL Shock / Oxidizer Step 3 - Maintain Baquacil Oxidizer Residual and Water Clarity with BAQUACIL CDX The Baquacil CDX start up kit contains everything you will need to start your chlorine, bromine, mineral, salt pool out right. NOTE: Customer signature required by FedEx for delivery of this product. If ordered with other products the oxidizer will arrive on a separate Fedex truck and usually not at the same time or day as the non-hazmat items.

  • 96oz bottle of Baquacil Swimming Pool Sanitizer and algistat
  • 96oz bottle of Baquacil CDX
  • 2 each 96oz Bottles of Baquacil Oxidizer
  • 1 bottle of 4 way Baquacil test strips
  • Must be signed for on delivery

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