Montana Grow Organic Lawn and Garden Care. An Organic Amendment for Lawn Fertilizer to Keep Your Grass, Seed, and Garden Healthy by The Power of Volcanic ash. Replacement for Azomite organic fertilizer with Tuff Guy Gloves

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Montana Grow helps maximize the power of volcanoes to help rebuild your own lawn and garden from the ground up. Have you ever seen how strong a forest comes back to life after a volcanic eruption? Every location around volcanic eruptions have always seen massive regrowth after these events. This is caused by mineral rich material that is released during an eruption. Our product takes these byproducts (the volcanic ash) and harnesses it to help your property operate at peak potential in the healthiest organic matter possible. By operating at this level, your lawn and garden will require less water, less fertilizer and will unlock nutrients in your soil that will help your roots thrive. On top of all of that, your lawn will be stronger to help fight fungus, heat and bugs, giving the best possible chance of success throughout the year.

  • By using our simple lawn solutions you will add health and organic nutrients . Our material helps with the rooting process better then rooting powder and mycorrhizal fungi.
  • OMRI Listed to ensure the highest organic standards of quality are met.
  • Micronutrients amend your grass and garden and fills in missing nutrients that most fertilizers don’t include. This is like giving your lawn a multivitamin.
  • Helps to revitalize your soil by improving water retention so your grass and plants don't dry out as fast and help preserve your property during those pesky summer months.
  • Helps your roots absorb nutrients from lawn fertilizer making them more effective
  • Helps neutralize salt in soil to allow your grass and garden to grow optimally..
  • Improves yield on plants throughout a growing season organically.
  • Each bag does up to 25,000 square feet

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