Montana Grow Organic Silicon Granules with Amorphous Volcanic Tuff. Improve Soil Textures

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MontanaGrow is a naturally produced and unaltered plant amendment that builds strong roots, stems and foliage. It improves yield and quality of many plant species by building more biomass through increased nutrient uptake. This plant available silicon helps enhance the production of chlorophyll which in turn increases the number of CO2 receptors in plant tissue. MontanaGrow is an adjuvant utilized for its ability to enhance nitrogen reducing its volatility, and for unlocking phosphorous in soils.

MontanaGrow is highly absorbent helping soils to retain moisture more efficiently which allows for less frequent watering.

OMRI Listed

Alleviate a multitude of stresses through the strengthening of plant cells from roots. This helps alleviate damage caused by insects, while also allowing plants and turf to thrive in colder and warmer conditions, allowing for a longer growing season.

Improves plant and turf ability to fight disease

Helps to revitalize the soil through a multitude of effects:
- Increasing the soils ability to hold moisture
- Reduces nitrogen volatility (making fertilizer more effective)
- Improves ability of root zone to uptake inactive phosphorus
- High cation exchange capacity
- Moderate pH acts as a buffer

Micronutrient package fortifies the plant and turf and fills in missing nutrients that most fertilizers don't include. This is like give your lawn a multivitamin.

UV and drought tolerance helps on give your lawn an increased chance of withstanding summer heatwaves

Salt tolerance helps alleviate years of damage caused by synthetic fertilizer and help bring your lawn to a more stable condition.

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