MTD 942-04244A Replacement Part 23.25" High Blade

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This is an O.E.M. authorized part. Fits various MTD models. OEM Part Number 942-04244A. The product is manufactured in US. Fits in the popular models (but not limited to)17RRCBYN210, 17AICACN596, 13AP91KT563, 17AWCBYN596, 13AFA1CT596, 17ARCACN009, 17ARCACN209, 13APA9CT010, 17ARCACT011, 13APA1CT056, 13APA1CT009, 13WF93AT010, 13AQA1CT010, 13BQA1ZT099, 17AGCACN056, 13APA1CT010, 13AQA1ZT099, 13AZA1CN010, 13WPA1CT010, 17ADCACT066, 17ARCACN010, 17ARCBDT011, 13YQA1CT010, 13AQA4CN010, 13WIA4CN010, 13ATA1ZT099, 17BRCACT099, 13APA1CT256, 17ADFACT093, 17WRCBDN010, 13WQA4CN010, 17WF2BDT010, 17RRCBYN010, 13AAA1KT066, 13AGA1CN010, 131QA1ZT099, 17WF2BDT009, 17RICAXN010, 13AFA1CN010, 13A9A1CN010, 17AICAXN010, 13A9A1CN009, 17AKCACT099, 17RWCBYN010, 17BRCACN010, 13BQA1ZT299, 17ARCACT099, 17ADCACT058, 17ADCACN066, 13APA1CT210, 13WPA1CT210, 17AGCACN010, 13AQA1ZT299, 13AP91AT009, 13A9A1KN066, 132QA1ZT099, 17ARCBDN056, 13APA1KT897, 17BRCACN056, 17ARCBYN056, 17ARCBDT066, 13W9A1CN010, 17ARCBDT897, 17ARCBDT056, 17BGCACN010, 13WQA4CN210, 13AZA1CN210, 13ALA1ZT091, 17ARCACN210, 13WF93AT210, 17ARCBDN210, 17AICAXN210, 13WFA1CT210, 13AQA4CN210

  • This is an O.E.M. authorized part
  • Fits various MTD models
  • OEM Part Number 942-04244A
  • This is a MTD replacement part

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