Nature's Mace Rabbit Repellent 1 Gal Concentrate/Covers 2 Acers/Rabbit Repellent and Deterrent/Keep Rabbits Out of Your Lawn and Garden/Safe to use Around Children & Plants

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Nature?s MACE Rabbit MACE is a strong and powerful repellent made from the most powerful ingredients found in nature. Our scientifically backed products have more active ingredients than the top brand name products. We use natural ingredients to create a non-toxic, biodegradable repellent which is effective and safe to use. Safely use our products to keep rabbits out of your home, garden, landscape, and more. Confidently use our repellents near plants, children and pets. Be sure to read the back of each product and follow instructions for the most effective use. Why should you buy Nature?s MACE Rabbit MACE? New Powerful Industrial Strength Formulas! More Active Ingredients than Competing Brands! Backed by Proven University Studies & Various Testing Unique Time Released Formula Also Works for Repelling Unwanted Deer Offered in both granular and liquid applications Targets a rabbit?s sense of taste, fear, and smell Effectively Repels & Trains Rabbits Not to Return! Long Lasting Protection- Up To 3 Months or More! Can Be Used on Edible Crops & Vegetation Works as An Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer Fresh Minty Scent that Rabbits Hate! Highly Effective in All Seasons Easy to Apply = No Hassle or Mess 100% Biodegradable, Natural, and Eco-Friendly Eliminates need for harsh chemicals or poisons Successfully Controls Rabbits for All Season Protection Safe to use Around Children, Pets, & Vegetation Premium Formula Confidently offered with our Nature's MACE 100% Money Back Guarantee! Proudly Made in the United States of America Buy Now

  • POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE REPELLANT: Our Rabbit MACE formula is scientifically backed to have more active ingredients than any other rabbit repellents. We took the best products available and improved them to be more potent and powerful.
  • 100% All-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our Rabbit repellent is strong and powerful because it uses a scientific combination of scents & odors found in nature.
  • SAFE FOR USE: Nature’s MACE products are bio-degradable and non-toxic. Our spray is safe for use arounds plants, pets, vegetation and children. Feel confident in protecting your garden without using harmful chemical on vegetables and fruits.
  • YEAR-ROUND PROTECTION: Repel unwanted Rabbits all season long weather its spring, summer, fall or winter. Our Spray will not wash off during rain, irrigation or normal use.
  • MAKES 16 GALLONS: Our Rabbit MACE formula will effectively cover and repel 2 acers. Protect your lawn, garden, garage, shed, and more.

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