nufarm ProDeuce Dual Action Herbicide 64 Oz. bottle

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ProDeuce is a dual action herbicide combining the non-selective herbicide control of glyphosate (active ingredient in Roundup) with the pre-emergent chemical prodiamine (active ingredient in Barricade). ProDeuce herbicide is perfect for use in landscape, grounds management, and lawn care. This helps reduce the number of applications, both chemically and mechanically, spent weeding during the growing season. Not only does this reduce labor but it saves time and money, in addition to healthier plants with lack of mechanical trimmers. Will kill most plant material in comes in contact because of active glyphosate (Roundup) Prodiamine (Barricade) provides pre-emergent control of many grassy weeds Offers 3 - 6 month residual control Excellent prevention of crabgrass all season long Perfect for driveways, walkways, patios, sidewalks, fence lines, foundations, retaining walls, curbs, mulched beds, and parking lots Convenient squeeze and measure container

  • Unique product that provides the knockdown of glyphosate and the pre-emergent, residual control of prodiamine
  • Perfect for use on existing weeds and weed-prone areas where weeds have not yet appeared
  • Execellent crabgrass preventer all season long

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