Peach Country Liquid Paw Shield (1 Gallon) Environmentally Friendly Liquid Ice Melt for Snow - Commercial Grade Ice and Snow Removal Product to Keep Your Home Safe Before, During and After It Snows

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Choose the brand that has been trusted by contractors and municipalities for years. Liquid Shield was built to be used as a liquid road salt to help keep roads safe and clear throughout the winter season. We have brought this cma ice melt blend to to your home as a winter salt solution you can trust. Liquid Shield will cut through ice and snow easily and effectively, with control to temperatures down to zero degrees. No one likes the cleanup of traditional ice melt products. Whether it is a pet friendly snow melt product or a traditional rock salt ice melt product, those granulars notoriously track into your home. This leads to extra cleanup and potential damages to floors, walls and carpets. Our Liquid Shield driveway salt and sidewalk deicer is built to limit these issues. The secret is that our proprietary blend is designed to adhere to ice and snow to melt faster and avoid those issues so you can keep your family safe and provide your pets a safe walking environment! This process keeps ice melted, concrete clear, and pets and your family members safe!
  • { Pet Safe Ice Melt } Our proprietary liquid ice melter has been carefully designed with your whole family in mind. Our deicer liquid is built to be people and pet safe so you never have to worry about what matters most!
  • { Melts Fast } Our liquid snow melt is designed to melt ice quickly and efficiently. Once sprayed, Liquid Shield "heats up" and begins breaking down residual snow and ice left over after shoveling!
  • { Less Corrosive } Traditional rock salt for snow and ice removal products are notorious to destroy concrete and metal products. Our blend is built to limit these issues all while providing superior pre and post storm snow and ice control.
  • { Spray Before the Storm } Just like what you see on the highway, our eco friendly ice melt can be used before the storm even starts! Just spray on your driveway and sidewalks 24 hours before the storm to help limit ice buildup!
  • { No Clean Up } Don't let rock salt and calcium chloride granules track into your house! Our neutral pH deicing spray reduces the risk of damage to your flooring surfaces such as hardwood, tile, granite and marble.

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