Peach Country Premium Cedar Chips (2 Cu. Ft.) - Cedar Mulch for Landscaping Areas, Home Gardens, Potted Plants and More. A Natural Way to Help Increase Curb Appeal and Reduce Bugs Around Your Home.

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The great thing about our cedar mulch is its diversified uses. A general large bag of mulch is filled with unguaranteed "hardwoods" that don't offer a sliver of the benefits that pure cedar mulch does. For decades cedar chips for garden areas have been used as a secret weapon to keep pesky insects from invading and destroying your vegetables. This enables you to focus on growing without worry! This insect repellent ability is not just limited as a garden mulch application. Cedar mulch can and should also be utilized around landscaping beds around your home. This helps create a natural barrier that deters bugs from living in and moving around areas near your home! On top of all of this, cedar mulch provides exceptional water retaining abilities. This enables you to water less, all while providing all plants and shrubs the necessary amounts of water to thrive! Lastly, you can't forget the sweet aroma that cedar mulch provides. Adding cedar for you landscape wood chips, garden or potted plants creates a pleasant aroma that the whole family will enjoy! Being in business for over 20 years we have seen it all in the landscape industry. As a producer of multiple mulch products, Peach Country has the built in ability to maintain a high quality control that our competition just can't match! We are here for you and your family in providing a safe and beautiful final touch so you can enjoy your yard for the whole season worry free!

  • { All Natural Wood Chips } Our cedar wood chips are derived from 100% natural cedar trees. No harsh chemicals or dyes have been added, ensuring a quality and natural product that is safe for both children and pets!
  • { Help Keep Bugs At Bay } Why spray hundreds of dollars are harsh chemicals that only offer a finite amount of protection? Our mulch provides a natural and lasting bug and tick repellant for your yard!
  • { Natural Aromatic Wood Chips } A welcoming scent that provides both a pleasant smell along with bug stopping power! Enjoy beautiful nights outside while enjoying the feel of being in a cedar forest!
  • { Controls Moisture } Water retention is key to healthy and strong roots. Our cedar mulch provides superior water retaining abilities, leaving your plants stronger and healthier with the need of excessive watering!
  • { Spruce Up Any Landscape } Add instant curb appeal to your home with a distinct all natural color choice! Cedar stands out from the standard dyed mulches that so many have and will add a look that will stand out!

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