Peach Country Premium Midnight Black, Chocolate Brown or Candy Apple Red Mulch Dye Color Concentrate and 1 Gallon Pump Sprayer

Color: Midnight Black
Sale price$49.99


      The Perfect Home Maintenance Kit for Your Home Mulch Beds
  • { Revive your Landscape } Mulch coloring will add instant curb appeal to any home or business. Our commercial-grade black mulch dye will bring back to life landscape beds beaten back by Mother Nature!
  • { No Heavy Mulch Bags } Mulch installation doesn't have to include lugging those pesky 50 lb bags of mulch or wheelbarrow bulk mulch around when all you need is a rake and a spray bottle? Quickly liven up your beds with minimal effort with our black mulch colorant!
  • { Application Instructions } First apply water to sidewalks or other areas where treatment is not desired. Shake well before using. Mix 2-5 ounces of concentrate per gallon of water in a pump-type sprayer. Set nozzle to medium mist. *Always test a small area for the desired mixture. Apply 2-3 coats from different directions for best results and even appearance. Allow a few minutes between coats
  • { Safe for your Home } Our mulch color spray is a non-hazardous water-based dye that helps maintain your landscape through applications throughout the year! Can be used on wood mulch, pine needle mulch, or rubber wood chips.
  • { Quality Sprayer and Dye } Our time-tested products have gone through multiple testing cycles to ensure that you have a dye we are proud to stand by. Each sprayer and dye combination is designed to last!

Sometimes a mulch bed needs a bit of a refresher. Weather and the sun over time turn what was once a midnight black, chocolate brown or candy apple red mulch into a lighter duller faded color. Don't let the rain and the sun ruin the luster of your landscape! With Peach Country's Premium Mulch Dye, you can bring those mulch beds back to life without the tedious process of removing old mulch from the beds and adding more mulch back to bring those beds back to life. Our mulch paint helps spruce up your property right before a big family party, a get-together amongst friends, or those prom pictures that you want to help remember fondly for a lifetime. Coming with a high-end chapin sprayer, you are fully prepared to tackle your home renovation product, quickly and easily! Just mix between 2-5 ounces for each gallon of water used and spray away. Just be sure to keep away from your home and the sidewalk! This always allows you to be prepared to have your property looking its best! Let us help minimize your time spent working on your yard so you can spend more time admiring it!

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