Peach Country Tenacity Herbicide- Pre and Post-Emergence Herbicide- Weed Killer for Lawns and Turf Grasses, Ideal for Carpetweed, Chickweed, Clover, Crabgrass, Thistle, and Others- 8oz Gloves

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Tenacity is a great herbicide option for homeowners and gardeners looking to treat problem weeds that are difficult to get rid of in their lawns. This highly effective weed control treats a variety of weeds. It features a new mode of action for pre-and-post emergence weed killer design to control weeds on turfgrass and lawns. Tenacity Herbicide is effective at killing dandelion, yellow foxtail, yellow nutsedge,  bentgrass, ground ivy, henbit, and more other plant species. This is the most versatile herbicide in the market for weed control as it can fight against 46 different broadleaf species of weed and grass. This herbicide is extremely good that can remove existing weeds at seeding, providing residual control of weeds in turfgrasses for golf courses and sod farms. Tenacity herbicide will allow lawns to look well from the beginning. This herbicide stays in the soil for about a year, preventing anything from growing in the treated area. It allows you to complete your lawn care chores that much more quickly.

  • ?? PRE-AND-POST EMERGENCE: This herbicide is used for both pre-and-post emergence of more than 46 different broadleaf weeds and grass species. This kills the target plant completely, making it extremely effective as a long-term herbicide solution.
  • ?? KILL WEEDS AND PLANT SPECIES: This is highly effective weed killer, provides several advantage to homeowners and gardeners. Tenacity produces results relatively quickly compared to other herbicides.
  • ?? RESIDUAL ACTION: This is a selective herbicide agent, won’t destroy your lawn, even if you apply throughout your grass, thus it’s incredibly an effective. You can potentially prevent weeds from impacting your lawn if you regularly use this herbicide.
  • ?? CEASE GROWTH: It cease growth by stopping the plant’s ability to produce chlorophyll and the good thing is that the remaining blades of good turf remain green in the kill zone. It works wonderfully and you won’t be disappointed!
  • ?? CHEMICAL RESISTANT GLOVE: Centaurus AZ is keen to provide you required safety as you are very important for your loved ones, therefore we have bundled this product with our nitrile chemical resistant gloves.

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