Pennington Tri-Fescue 50 LB Bag of Seed. Will Grow in Both Full Sun and Partial Shade Areas. Each Bag Covers 10,000 Square Feet When Overseeding Your Lawn + Home and Country USA Tri Fescue Tech Sheet

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Pennington Tri Tall Fescue Blend is made up of three varieties of tall fescue that have been specially selected for their color, quality of turf, and resistance to adverse conditions such as drought and disease. When compared to other varieties such as kentucky bluegrass seed or perennial ryegrass seed that often struggle in the heat of the summer. Pennington Tri-Fescue will produce a lush, dense turf with a dark green color. This blend is adaptable and can be used in any tall fescue application. It will grow well in either full sun or partial shade and establishes quickly with deep roots. Each variety has been carefully selected o go together to give you the perfect lawn that everyone will be envious of! We stand behind every product we sell and are here to help with any questions that may arise during the seeding process. Our staff has years of experience and are able to help no matter the concern you may have!

  • { Perfect Amount of Seed } Choosing a 50 LB bag of seed allows you the option to use a little for spot seed or over seed your entire lawn! Each bag covers up to 10,000 square feet!
  • { Top Notch Varieties } Researched overtime before coming to market, Pennington has always prided itself to be on the cutting edge of the newest and most efficient varieties on the market
  • { Plant in Different Areas } Pennington has cultivated a fescue blend designed to flourish in sunny areas as well as areas with partial shade. Giving you the ability to grow the perfect lawn in a multitude of areas!
  • { Deep Roots } Fescue varieties are designed to root deep to help handle the rigors of both summer droughts and high heat indexes to keep your lawn looking green and healthy!
  • { No Noxious Seeds } Get what you pay for with our fescue blend 50 lb grass seed bag! Our Tri-Fescue blend doesn't contain unwanted seeds and provides you exactly what the label says!

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