Perky-Pet 244Clsf 2 lb Instant Clear Hummingbird Nectar - 2 Pack

Sale price$19.99


Perky-pet 2 lb Instant clear hummingbird nectar creates colorless nectar. It is formulated with 100% sucrose, the best sugar for hummingbird Digestive systems after flower nectar. The 2 lb package can createup to 192 fl oz of clear, liquid hummingbird nectar when mixed at the rate of 4 teaspoons for every 3 fl oz of water.

  • 2 pack of nectar
  • 100% sucrose formula - better for bird digestion
  • Dye-free and clear - hummingbirds still love it
  • 2 lb bag makes up to 192 fl oz of hummingbird nectar
  • Mixes with water, no boiling necessary

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