Rowenta PU3080 Pure Air Purifier, HEPA and Active Carbon Filters. WIFI Connect

Sale price$132.99


  • HOME AIR PURIFIER: Up to 100% of allergens and fine particles filtered
  • 4 FILTRATION LEVELS: Pre-filter (hair and dust); Active Carbon filter (smoke, odors and VOCs); True HEPA Allergy+ filter (removes allergens and fine particles that can be as fine a pollens, animal hairs, mites, mold, bacteria or viruses); and NanoCaptur+ filter (formaldehyde)
  • ULTRA-FAST: Air purification in just 4 minutes*, thanks to a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 350 m3/h
  • SMART: Automatically detects harmful pollutants, adjusts the filtration speed and destroys them
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: On minimum speed, Pure Air Genius consumes no more energy than an LED light bulb
  • ULTRA-SILENT: Inaudible to humans at just 31d(b)a on minimum speed, for undisturbed use at any time
  • CONNECTED: Thanks to the user-friendly app and WiFi connectivity, manage your air purifier and visualize indoor and outdoor air quality at a glance
  • INFORMATIVE: Enjoy Plume Labs air-quality and pollens reports in real time for your very own city, to plan ahead and limit your risk of allergic reactions *Calculated for a 10 m² room

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