Safer Ready-to-Use Brand 5981 Critter Ridder Deer & Rabbit Repellent RTU - 32 oz

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Safer brand Critter Rider deer & rabbit repellent ready-to-use contains a mixture of unique ingredients that work to deter deer, rabbits, & squirrels from your outdoor areas. The formula repels by overwhelming the animals sense of scent & taste. Critter Rider contains putrescent egg, which resembles the odor of a decaying Prey. For double the protection, The S layer contains spicy peppers & garlic, which cause an unpleasant taste. These ingredients signal a flight response & train the animals to stay away from the area.critter Rider deer & rabbit repellent ready-to-use is weather-resistant, & can be used anywhere Outdoors in places such as flowerbeds, lawns, near trash cans, & more. The repellent Comes in a ready-to-use spray bottle. To use, simply pt. In designated area & spray! The 32 oz bottle can protectup to 500 sq' Forup to 90 days- providing you with long-lasting protection from destructive animals.

  • Proven to repel deer, rabbits, and squirrels
  • Protection for up to 90 days
  • Repels animals by scent and taste
  • Use on areas in your yard
  • One 32 oz bottle covers up to 500 sq Ft

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