Seed Aide, 40 Pounds

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Only seed aide combines cellulose & wood fiber mulch, organic tackifier and bio-stimulant for superior turf establishment. Apply seed aide by hand, with a high-volume drop spreader or with a large-opening broadcast spreader. Tests prove that its granular properties and texture result in greater water absorption and soil coverage than competing brands. organic tackifier reduces soil erosion, water runoff and seed washout. bio-stimulant increases root mass and stress tolerance for better grass establishment. ideal for small area repairs or as a leave behind for touch up work on larger, hydraulic mulch projects.

  • Seed Aide is ideal for seeding small areas
  • Combines cellulose and wood fiber mulch, organic tackifier and bio-stimulant
  • Helps reduce seed run off
  • Increases root mass for better plant nutrient uptake
  • Retains moisture to allow seeds to germinate

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