Snow Roof Rake by Avalanche! Original 750 with Slide Material: Easy Snow Removal for Metal, Cedar Shake, Tile, Architectural Shingled Roofs and Solar Panels. 17 Inch Wide, 16 Feet Long, 3 Inch Wheels

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If you have ever used a snow roof rake you know what back breaking work it can be. With the Avalanche models you simply slide it up the roof and snow falls off with little effort. They are twice as fast and easy as a standard roof rake and save your back. Avalanche is a state of the art product that literally ?cuts? the snow off your roof and is great for reaching the hard-to-access areas near roof peaks and high ledges. The lightweight material and powerful design make removing snow easy. No tools are necessary with our snap together assembly. The Avalanche models all come with: 17 inch wide patented cutter frames and wheels to protect your rooftop, 17 inch by 12 foot slide material, 16 feet in fiberglass poles (4 - four foot sections), snap on coupler system for easy storage and assembly, and a vinyl end grip. Our Avalanche Original 750 has 3 inch wheels and is designed for metal, cedar shake, tile and solar panel roof designs.

  • LESS TIME & LESS STRENUOUS THAN STANDARD SNOW ROOF RAKES- Avalanche! snow removal systems require 1/3 the amount of time to clear off snow and are less strenuous on the body, when compared to traditional snow roof rakes. Gently push the pole up your roof and watch heavy snow slide down the blue snow slide with the help of gravity. It's like a slip and slide for the snow.
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED - JUST SNAP PARTS TOGETHER AND WATCH SNOW SLIDE OFF YOUR ROOF: Snap together assembly is fast and efficient so that you can start removing snow from your roof right away. Easy to store and use year after year.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT SNOW ROOF RAKE REMOVES HEAVY SNOW FROM ROOF AND IS EASY TO USE: Avalanche! Snow Roof Rake Systems are lightweight at roughly 10 pounds, and are designed for anyone to use. Avalanche! products are PROUDLY MADE IN USA!
  • PREVENTS ICE DAMS FROM FORMING AND PREVENTS DAMAGE TO ROOF AND HOME: Regular removal of snow from your roof after snow storms prevents ice dams from forming on the edge of your roof. It is recommended to clear the first 4-8 feet of your roof to prevent ice daming problems, preventing damage to your shingles and house.
  • DESIGNED FOR METAL OR TILE ROOFS, CEDAR SHAKE OR ARCHITECTURAL SHINGLED ROOFS, OR SOLAR PANELS: The Original 750 is designed with 3-inch wheels to gently and safely remove heavy snow while protecting your metal, tile, cedar shake or architectural shingles, and solar panel roof designs.

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