Stens 770 260 50:1 2-Cycle Full Synthetic Oil Mix Pack of 6 (6)ƒ

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Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel. Do NOT use with E-85 fuel Use in Weedeaters, Chain Saws, Blowers, Pole saws, Lawn Mowers, and more.

Stens 770 260 50:1 2-Cycle Engine Full Synthetic Oil Mix 2.6 Ounce Bottle Pack of 6

Replaces Stens 770-188, 770-208; Compatible With Stihl: 0781 313 8004, 0781 319 8008; Echo 6450001

Includes fuel stabilizer; Color of mix is deep green; Each bottle makes 1 gallon of 50:1 mix

Refined to give minimum carbon build-up

Do NOT use with E-85 fuel; JASO-FD Certified and meets ISO L-EGD requirements


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