Swiffer Wetjet Multi-Purpose-Open Window Fresh Scent Cleaner (42.2 oz) 3 Refills

Sale price$29.99


Pack of 3-One Liter Swiffer Cleaner Refills-32695. Choose the Swiffer Wet Jet Multi-Purpose Cleaner Refill and fill up on your favorite floor cleaner solution. The Swiffer Wet Jet Multi-Purpose Cleaner helps keep your home clean and fresh. The active ingredients in this pre-mixed solution easily dissolve tough, greasy, and sticky dirt. You can use this solution not only for cleaning marble, stone, or ceramic tiles but wood, vinyl and linoleum surfaces too. The home floor cleaner has an Open Window Fresh fragrance that will leave your house smelling pleasant and inviting. It dries fast without leaving any streaks or hazing.

  • Multi-Purpose, Multi-Usage
  • Open window fresh scent
  • Traps and locks dirt so it doesn't get pushed around
  • Use with Swiffer wetjet for superior cleaning results
  • Pack of 3 - 42.2 FL OZ (1.25 LT) Swiffer Cleaner Refills

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