The Dirty Gardener Turf Seed and Mulch Combo Bag

Sale price$58.99


We have combined elite grass seed with premium seed aide mulch for the perfect establishment of grass. This combo covers over 1000 square feet of new lawn or 2500 of existing can be spread in your fertilizer or seed spreader or by contains both perennial seed and a mulch containing both wood and paper, organic tacking agents and bio-stimulants to get the grass coming fast.

  • The perfect seed and seed aid mulch combo for new lawns
  • Organic tackifier reduces soil erosion, water runoff and seed washout
  • Bio-stimulant increases root mass and stress tolerance for better grass establishment
  • Use for small area repairs or as a leave behind touch up work on larger, hydraulic mulch projects
  • Non-GMO seeds have great germination rate

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