Trimec 992 Broadleaf Herbicide, 2.5 Gallons, 9921126

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Trimec 992 Broadleaf Herbicide is the 'applicator formula' Trimec complex. Trimec 992 contains a little extra 2,4-D for the quick, visual response and lower cost required by the professional lawn care operator. Dandelion curl is almost immediate, which is just what is needed to let homeowners and other property owners know that their weeds are dying. Trimec 992 is labeled for use in warm - and cool-season grasses including bermudagrass, zoysiagrass, St. Augustinegrass¹, Kentucky bluegrass, fescue and perennial ryegrass. Lawn applicator formula Trimec complex Economical control of a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds Registered for use in warm - and cool-season grasses Fast dandelion knock-down Labeled for use on sod farms

  • EPA Registration: 2217-656

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