Turface Athletics Pro League Heritage Red

Sale price$62.99


  • Calcined Clay
  • Rich red color
  • Superior Field Conditioner
  • Uniform Particle Size

More than any other infield conditioner, Turface Pro League gives athletes at every level of play the opportunity to safely and confidently compete. The smaller, uniform particle size creates a consistent infield surface to minimize injuries from bad hops. The particles also provide a cushion for sliding or diving. These porous particles also absorb moisture, preventing rainouts. With a choice of colors to enhance aesthetics and improve ball visibility, it is easy to see how Pro League gives you every advantage to bring home a safer, more playable field Inside each bag of Pro League are Turface calcined clay particles. Compared to vitrified clay, shale or brick dust, these particles are proven to be the most effective for managing moisture and improving drainage on skinned infields. Their degradation is also just 3% over 20 years—far superior to other conditioners that break down or melt back down to clay in a few days.

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