Coco Coir – Unique & Natural Fiber Potting Mix

Check out the newest product for a successful garden – Coco Coir. Home and Country USA offers this unique and natural fiber potting mix, perfect as a compost starter and soil enhancer, especially in areas with heavy, dense soil. It is a great alternative to peat moss, creating sustainable soil and the perfect base for flourishing gardens.

What is Coco Coir?

Coco Coir is a sustainable, natural by-product of coconuts and consists of the middle fibrous husk of the fruit. Coir can be either white (pre-ripe coconuts) or brown (mature, ripe coconuts) and is the protective coating of the delicious fruit we all know and love. However, it is processed into a natural soil additive instead of wasting that inedible protective coating.

How is Coco Coir made?

Coconut husks are soaked in water, rinsed thoroughly, then completely dried before being compressed and cut into garden-friendly portions. Home and Country USA compress coco coir into 10-pound bricks. When added to soil and water, each brick expands into 17-18 gallons of soft potting mix. This process may take up to a year to ensure impurities are removed and the coir fibers are dry and free of contaminants. Advantages of using Coco Coir in a garden:

  • Absorbs 10 times its weight in water at the root level, reducing plant stress and the need to water.
  • Adds volume without weight, making the soil easier to work.
  • Provides a superior base for plant roots to grow and absorb nutrients.
  • Provides aeration and drainage.
  • Helps control weeds since it does not offer nutrients that weeds like.
  • Option to use coco coir as a soil-free or hydroponic planting medium.

How to use Coco Coir in your garden

When planning your garden, soil preparation is key. Check with the pros at Home and Country USA if you have any questions or concerns. Coco Coir mixed into your garden soil, potting mix, or seed-starting medium is the perfect start to any planting. Then, add nutrients and watch your flowers, bushes, and vegetables grow! It truly is that easy. Sold in 10-pound bricks, coco coir quickly expands in volume and is easily mixed into the soil, expanding to 17-18 gallons of worth of material. Coco Coir is the ideal growing medium and is versatile enough to be used in greenhouses, indoor plants, outdoor potted plants, gardens, bushes, and new plantings. Happy Harvesting!


Also check out our Home and Country USA Ultimate Organic Seed Starting Mix, which also includes a Coco Coir brick to try out Coco Coir while getting your seeds started the right way.

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