Fuel Medics 83559 2 Cycle and 4 Cycle Engine Medic for Gasoline Engines, 1-Ounce

Sale price$8.79


Cleans Carbs on the spot. Need a little stronger formula? Is your equipment on the verge of getting its carburetors redone? Engine Missing or stuttering? TRY ME FIRST. This unique super safe stronger formula, will clear gums, varnishes, and debris from you fuel. It also removes water by water dispersion technology not an emulsifier. This convenient package is designed to treat up to 30-gallon and can be used in cars, boats, and generators. Stabilizes fuel for up to 2-year. Get the effects of premium fuel.

  • Designed for all gasoline engines, 2 and 4 cycle also
  • Removes water in fuel/ easy start
  • Premium fuel stabilizer/keeps gas fresh
  • Corrosion inhibitor, makes your engine last longer
  • Corrosion inhibitor, makes your engine last longer

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