Gator Maxx G2 Intelligent Polymeric Sand (Beige) 50 Lb Bg with Professional Contractor Tip

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  • { Worry Free Results} G2 Maxx polymeric sand locks in paver joints up to 4 inches. This advanced locking technology keeps your patio looking emmaculate no matter the weather conditions!
  • { The Three No's } No Dust, No Haze, and No Blower. Powered by Rapid Set Technology. A quality polymeric sand for pavers doesn't need many tools. G2 doesn't leave residual material on concrete pavers, eliminating both haze and
  • { Rapid Set Technology } Alliance polymeric sand prides themselves on being ahead of the curve. Our rapid set technology is an advanced paver sand polymeric solution that is rainfast in 15 minutes during traditional applications.
  • { Application } Pavers and joints must be completely dry before starting. After sweeping in the polymeric sand, lightly mist the top of the pavers to activate the polymers in the sand. Do not apply in temperatures are under 32 degrees. Covering up to 85 square feet per bag depending on joint width.
  • { Contractor Tips Included } Sometimes some helpful tips are needed. That's why we included some tried and true tips and tricks from our professional patio installation customers to help you seamlessly install your polymeric sand.

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